We are providing all necessary
supplies for the most beautiful
ceremony including
heart-shaped baskets for the
groom and the bride
Express your joy in a special way as white doves
take flight above you. This flight adds a symbol of
peace and unity to complete your wedding

Release two birds or a whole flock of up to twenty
five from beautifully decorated baskets at an
outdoor ceremony, or as the bride and groom exit
the church.

From the symbolic simplicity of a single pair taking
flight together, to a whole flock of thirty five birds
bursting into flight against the clear blue sky-- our
birds provide the perfect expression of the joy
experienced by all present.

Avian Joy can provide this uniquely breathtaking
moment because our birds have been carefully
bred for their homing abilities and trained to return
to their home after every release.
AVIAN JOY   - (408) 891-4483
Our very special birds for your very special event!
We can also release the
doves for memorials,
funerals, graduations,
birthdays and quinceaneras.